I’ve endeavoured to set up a new site, using Jekyll to process markdown content that Github hosts and is deployed to my Linode VPS in London. I use the excellent prose.io to edit my site wherever I may be, and jekyll-hook to trigger the build and publishing via a Github post-commit hook. Both of these tools are made by Development Seed, who to me, after spending a few months working in ‘newspace’ on picosatellites next to a GIS team, look like a great company to work for!

The main change of this site from a heavily portfolio-based one to a blog-centric one is because I find myself surrounded by projects which I really need to finish, and as I now have both a makerspace and rather nice set of science labs available to me there is no excuse not to! By trying to keep up with project blogging there is a chance I may make regular progress. I am now active on hackaday.io, which is linked to via the skull and crossbones button by my photo. That Hackaday logo is itself a project! I am attempting to build a ‘makerfont’ that augments icon fonts like fontawesome for maker sites and tools. Stay tuned to see if it lives - it should be present on my Github, which is linked via another button by my photo!

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Laurence Stant

PhD Student, Maker, Coder.