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Laurence Stant

Hello Again World!

Welcome to my new website. I decided to start again after not touching the old jekyll site for a long time. I’m now using Hexo, which is a NodeJS version of the same thing. I was tempted by Python and Go alternatives, but in the end the most important thing for me was off-the-shelf themes, as I’m short on time, so I found this great one with Hexo and stuck with it!

What will I find here?

Not sure yet, but I have a LimeSDR Mini arriving soon which I am very excited about! So, hopefully you should see lots of blog posts on how to do different things using it.

Also, I am endeavouring to write a tools page with online calculators and other bits and bobs that are useful in the fields in which I work and have interests. There is already one for translating RF power between different units, including the sqrt(Watts) form often used by Keysight.

So stay tuned and there should be more on the way shortly!