After hearing that one of my housemates will be leaving us in the new year, I’m faced with replacing the coffee machine and the amplifier setup in the living room. Add to that a home brewery I wanted to get set up this year and it should make for some cool projects.

  1. REST enabled valve amplifier. This is something I’ve wanted to build for a while! Either a stereo or set of monoblock valve amplifiers that are web-enabled and can be controlled via the web. This may include a multichannel mixer, which would make the web control more useful.

  2. DIY Coffee System. A full coffee solution incorporating roasting, grinding and pouring. Again, web enabled so my home automation server can trigger a coffee for me to wake up to. I might use something like Artisan to control the roasting.

  3. Homebrew System. I’d like to implement a RIMS or HERMS system for home brewing beer, but it depends how far my budget stretches!

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Laurence Stant

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