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Home Comforts

After hearing that one of my housemates will be leaving us in the new year, I’m faced with replacing the coffee machine and the amplifier setup in the living room. Add to that a home brewery I wanted to get set up this year and it should make for some cool projects.

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That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

I couple of years ago I was really excited when node-red came out. Having just returned from a year working at National Instruments mastering LabVIEW, a graphical data-flow based language seemed like a great fit for Internet of Things (IoT) programming!

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I’ve endeavoured to set up a new site, using Jekyll to process markdown content that Github hosts and is deployed to my Linode VPS in London. I use the excellent to edit my site wherever I may be, and jekyll-hook to trigger the build and publishing via a Github post-commit hook. Both of these tools are made by Development Seed, who to me, after spending a few months working in ‘newspace’ on picosatellites next to a GIS team, look like a great company to work for!

The main change of this site from a heavily portfolio-based one to a blog-centric one is because I find myself surrounded by projects which I really need to finish, and as I now have both a makerspace and rather nice set of science labs available to me there is no excuse not to! By trying to keep up with project blogging there is a chance I may make regular progress. I am now active on, which is linked to via the skull and crossbones button by my photo. That Hackaday logo is itself a project! I am attempting to build a ‘makerfont’ that augments icon fonts like fontawesome for maker sites and tools. Stay tuned to see if it lives - it should be present on my Github, which is linked via another button by my photo!